Dan Weiss
Utica Box
Utica Box  by Dan  Weiss cover

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Utica Box - 17:04
Jamerson - 2:24
Rock and Heat - 5:55
Orange - 11:30
Please Don't Leave - 6:02
Last Time One More Time - 5:55
Bonham - 15:54


Jacob Sacks - piano
Thomas Morgan - bass
Eivin Opsvik - bass
Dan Weiss - drums

The music of drummer/composer Dan Weiss always exceeds expectations. No matter the musical situation, he tends to push the boundaries of genre, ensemble sound and expectations. The title of his new trio recording, Utica Box, is a fitting conflagration of a barbaric psychiatric treatment, the Utica crib, and Weiss’s tendency to write and perform music that is outside the box. Weiss’s trio has evolved over the past decade as their regular performances have allowed them a near telepathic communication. Pianist Jacob Sacks is a tremendous asset as his approach to the instrument is deft and his method studied. Weiss employs two bassists on Utica Box, singly and dually, depending on what his compositions ask for and the strengths of the bassist. Thomas Morgan and Eivind Opsvik are both at the top of their field on their instrument, Morgan an especially solid accompanist and improviser and the incredibly supportive Opsvik, a master of bowing


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