Walking Distance
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William - 4:50
Feather Report - 5:36
Ghilnooorty Classic - 1:31
Simple Ghilnooorty - 3:20
Lost & Found - 2:41
Bigment - 4:22
Quasar Halo - 7:35
Pexterity - 2:49
Cheat Sheet - 3:31
Donnalise - 6:07
Fly By - 2:57
Confirmation Bias - 0:47


Caleb Curtis - alto saxophone, trumpet
Kenny Paxton - tenor saxophone , clarinet
Adam Coté - double bass, mellotron
Shawn Baltazor - drums, percussion
Jason Moran - piano
Ben Rubin - mellotron, additional bass

It’s almost trite to mention the indelible mark that saxophonist Charlie Parker left on the world of culture at large, and more specifically with the practitioners of jazz, the music that he redefined. In the years since his death, his music has been covered incessantly, which in many ways, has robbed the music of its essential vitality. One solution to this ubiquitous problem lies in the stunning invention of the NYC based quartet Walking Distance and their second album, Freebird, which features the resplendent piano playing of Jason Moran on a number of tracks. The member of the quartet are alto saxophonist Caleb Curtis, tenor saxophonist/clarinetist Kenny Pexton, bassist Adam Coté, and drummer Shawn Baltazor


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