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Outra Coisa
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Track List

Amphibious - 3:45
Coisa nº 1 - 3:04
Outra Coisa - 3:21
Coisa nº 6 - 3:49
Coisa nº 10 - 4:07
Nanã (Coisa nº 5) - 4:32
Coisa nº 9 - 3:48
Mãe Iracema - 4:32
Oduduá - 4:25
Maracatucutê - 5:25
Paraíso - 4:47
Carrossel - 1:08


Anat Cohen - clarinet

In April 2017, Clarinet superstar Anat Cohen released two albums which celebrate and examine her connection to Brazil and its music. On Outra Coisa, a duo date with 7-String guitarist Marcello Gonçalves, Cohen delves deep into the music of celebrated Brazilian composer Moacir Santos. Santos, born in a small village in Brazil in 1926, was a multi-instrumentalist. Running away from his home when he was 14 years old, he traveled his native state of Pernambuco seeking for employment as a saxophone, banjo, guitar and mandolin player. After travelling Brazil extensively, he settled in Rio de Janeiro in 1948, where he gained employment at the government radio station Rádio Nacional do Brasil, where he would eventually become music director. In the 50s and 60s he trained many future Bossa nova luminaries including Nara Leao, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra and Roberto Menescal.In 1965 Santos recorded his album "Coisas" ("Things") in which he distilled jazz, other musical influence and regional Brazilian music into an original breakthrough work. “ It is considered a landmark recording and is mentioned on “The New York Times Essential Library: Jazz” book as one of the 100 most important Jazz recordings. While Santos was an accomplished orchestrator and arranger (he later wrote music for films), it was the connection between his music and the guitar which was at the genesis of this recording. "I've always loved the rich orchestral sounds of Moacir's compositions but could not imagine how to transfer his large ensemble sound into my solo guitar. Reading Moacir Santos's scores directly from his songbook, I was surprised how perfectly it fit the 7-string guitar, in the original key, as if the music was composed for the instrument," says Gonçalves."I spent a year working on that repertoire and when Anat visited Brazil, I proposed that we get together so I could show her the arrangements I’d been working on. Anat proposed meeting directly at a recording studio and so we did."The resulting recording is an intimate exploration of Moacir Santo's music, but two instrumental virtuosos who are intimately familiar with the music of Brazil, as well as with the varied influences which inspire Santos' music. The duo setting and Gonçalves' inventive arrangements allows both musicians to concentrate on the essence of Moacir's music, bringing it to life in a fresh and unexpected way. "When we started playing, Anat, who has known me for many years, said: “I have never seen you so happy!” I responded: “I’ve never been!”.


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