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Vitor Goncalves Quartet
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Track List

Sem Nome - 7:51
Cortelyou Road - 8:53
Samba do Perdão - 7:18
Desleixada - 5:49
Winter Landscapes - 8:59
Se é por falta de adeus - 4:21
De Cazadero ao Recife - 4:31
The Touch of Your Hand - 4:00


Vitor Goncalves - piano
Todd Neufeld - guitar
Dan Weiss - drums
Thomas Morgan - bass

While in New York, Gonçalves kept meeting musicians who had deep affinities for Brazilian music but who were not deeply versed in it. He decided to make it a goal to inject elements of his lingua franca into his new projects and composition. For his new recording, Gonçalves assembled an ensemble that would be capable of approaching his hybrid music with vigor and elasticity. The quartet that he enlisted includes guitarist Neufeld along with virtuosic bassist Thomas Morgan and the highly adaptable drummer Dan Weiss.


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