Gary Smulyan
Royalty at Le Duc
Royalty at Le Duc  by Gary  Smulyan cover

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Thedia - 12:51
The Star-crossed Lovers - 8:45
Cindy�s Tune - 11:59
Serenity - 11:15
Elusive - 13:14
Laura - 07:14
Body & Soul - 12:13


Gary Smulyan - baritone saxophone
Olivier Hutman - piano
Michael Rosciglione - bass
Bernd Reiter - drums

Baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan is definitely at the top of a short list of players who have mastered the big horn. His expert service in the fantastic large ensembles of Mel Lewis, Woody Herman, Dizzy Gillespie and the Village Vanguard Orchestra has made him a standout section player and soloist. It is a rare pleasure to hear Smulyan in a small ensemble performance, so it was a terrific opportunity to record him when he appeared at Le Duc des Lombards in Paris with an expert rhythm section. Royalty at Le Duc presents the brilliant Smulyan in a setting that allows his music to truly blossom, live in a jazz club.


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