Chris Cheek
Saturday Songs
Saturday Songs  by Chris  Cheek cover

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Track List

String Finger - 5:13
Ginger Something - 5:31
Eye Factory - 4:52
Bucky\'s Blues - 6:17
Either Way - 6:51
Slow Ships - 6:59
Saturday Song - 3:59
Alhambros - 4:58
Forever Green - 5:37
Strawberry Jam - 4:40
While You Sleep - 5:35
Windmill Hill - 5:23


Chris Cheek - tenor saxophone
Jorge Rossy - drums, vibes, marimba
David Soler - pedal steel
Steve Cardenas - guitar
Jaume Llombard - bass

The tremendously talented saxophonist/composer Chris Cheek has come to feel at home in a variety of musical contexts, from the infectious grooves of Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout to the challenging global music of Guillermo Klein. Weaned on rock and country while growing up in the 1970s St. Louis, Cheek’s initial musical forays playing Top 40, rock and funk tunes at weddings and private parties made him comfortable with blues based music and a fan of the guitar. On his new recording, Saturday Songs, Cheek has utilized a multitude of techniques and influences to generate compositions that are stimulating to musical theorists and foot tappers alike. The effectiveness of his compositions lays in his ability to write good songs, regardless of the techniques used but often employing simple elements that make the music stick with the listener. The recording features guitarist Steve Cardenas, pedal steel expert David Soler, electric bassist Jaume Lombard and percussionist Jorge Rossy.


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