Duane Eubanks & DE3
Live at Maxwell's
Live at Maxwell's  by Duane  Eubanks cover

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Brainfreeze - 5:34
A Slight Taste - 6:32
Little Johnny C Blues - 6:02
Saturday Moanin' - 4:20
Strokish - 7:09
Ebony Slick - 6:38
Little Rock - 5:05


Duane Eubanks - trumpet
Eric McPherson - drums
Dezron Douglas - bass

The collective ensemble called DE3, featuring Duane Eubanks, Dezron Douglas and Eric McPherson,�was invited to record by engineer and local jazz advocate Jimmy Katz in a setting where there were no time constraints or other issues demanding attention that are typical to most studio recordings. This freedom and approach was reflected in the attitude and performance of the musicians, as the informal proceedings capture them loose, relaxed and willing to experiment.�Live At Maxwell�s is one of those special recordings where the musicians get to let it hang out. While this is a happy circumstance for the players, it also provides its own challenges. The trio setting leaves all the performers more exposed and having to exert more into their performance. This meant that Eubanks, especially, had to be more assertive, or more so that he would typically have done with his Quintet. This loosening of artistic inhibitions is what makes this recording special.


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