Dan Blake
The Digging
The Digging  by Dan  Blake cover

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The Bite - 8:04
Incomparable Field - 5:05
Louvre - 7:57
Back to Lackritz - 8:25
When I Saw You Dance - 7:23
Without Walls - 6:02
The Lonely Liar - 6:16


Dan Blake - soprano and tenor saxophone
Dmitry Ishenko - bass
Eric Harland - drums, percussion
Brian Landrus - alto flute and bass saxophone
Josh Sinton - bass clarinet and baritone saxophone
Sam Sadigursky - clarinet and bass clarinet
Mariano Gil - bass flute

On his new recording The Digging, saxophonist/composer Dan Blake looks at his music from a different angle, accepting the test of leading and composing for a chordless sax trio, thus stripping away harmonic layers that he has leaned on in earlier projects. The new formula allows Blake to find his voice through the freeing potential of exploring the compositions in such an open and interactive setting. The title of The Digging refers to not only to the jazz nomenclature of liking something but the actual work of searching and getting beneath the surface, in this case to create a sound that is personal and believable.


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