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Efemera - 3:50
O Destino Espera - 4:02
O Ceu E O Mar - 4:50
Sumidouro - 5:01
Nosso Amor De Tanto Tempo - 3:29
Sarapatel Humano - 4:51
Saudade Quando Da - 4:08
O Sobrevivente - 4:35
Um Dia Eu Vou - 3:43
Pao Com Pao - 4:45
O Outro Lado - 3:06


Ze Nogueira - sax soprano
Myron Lutzke - cello
Louise Schulman - violin
Jorge Helder - contrabass
Jose Carlos Ramos - transverse flute
Marc Bertaux - contrabass
Eriko Sato - viola
Antonio Carlos Werneck - baixo
Márcio Faraco - violao, castanets, vocals, guitar synthesizer,
Cavaquinho Charango - MIDI, guitar
Josu Domingues - fretless bass, 5-string bass
Dada Viana - triangle, vocals, berimbau, pandeiro, zabumba
Luiz Augusto Cavani - bateria
Chiquinho Chagas - accordion
Julio Gonçalves - triangle, berimbau, caxixi, pandeiro, repique, cuica, tambor, tamborim, chocalhos, quijada, grelots
Patrice Larose - viola, viola da gamba, alaude, guitar
Indio Brasil - guitar
Wagner Tiso - caixa, piano
Kenny Barron - piano
Ze Carlos - transverse flute
Mino Cinelu - prato, castanets, conga, triangle, viola, vocals, caxixi, repique, surdo, djembe, cowbell, chocalhos, lataria, moringa, percussion

Brazilian Marcio Faraco's nomadic upbringing was steeped in the wide range of musical cultures that co-habit his country, his prime influences being Joao Gilberto, bossa nova and through that, jazz. He left Rio for Paris, the better to concentrate on creating the kind of music inspired by the Tropicalismo movement. There he performed alongside the likes of Brazilian greats such as Chico Buarque, Maria Bethania and Hermeto Pascoal. The release of a new album Interior and rapturously received live performances with Virginia Rodrigues have marked him out as a prodigiously talented singer. (BBCi)


Interior, Marcio Faraco's follow-up to his excellent debut album Ciranda, contains eleven of his beautiful, subtle and musically rich compositions. Using almost completely acoustic instruments, Faraco takes Brazilian music to fertile melodic territory that is uniquely his own. The arrangements are understated yet multi-layered; the compositions are flowing yet deeply rythmic, with guests that include Kenny Barron and Wagner Tiso. Faraco plays gorgeous acoustic guitar that accompanies his fine voice with accompaniment on selected tracks by piano, accordian, flute, violin, cello and percussion that is rich without ever being overbearing. Imagine a session with Joao Gilberto, Nick Drake and (acoustic) Eric Clapton , and you may get near to the beauty of this music. Jewels here include O CEU E O MAR (The Sky and the Sea), the incredible string trio work on NOSSO AMOR DE TANTO TEMPO, the beguiling guitar melody on UM DIA EU VOU, and the joyous, dancing rhythm of PAO COM PAO. The best way though to get close to the music of Marcio Faraco is simply to put his cd on your stereo. Both his cds have been on my player constantly since I first discovered them on this site. Marcio Faraco is taking acoustic Bossa Nova into the 21st century, and leaving most of the other contenders in the dust (or should I say sand).

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