Nacao Zumbi
Nacao Zumbi
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Track List

Cicatriz - 3:29
Bala Perdida - 3:57
O Que Te Faz Rir - 3:34
Defeito Perfeito - 3:00
A Melhor Hora da Praia (feat. Marisa Monte) - 3:20
Um Sonho - 4:51
Novas Auroras - 3:31
Nunca Te Vi - 3:28
Foi de Amor - 2:54
Cuidado - 3:13
Pegando Fogo - 2:36


Nacao Zumbi -

The debut album by Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Da Lama ao Caos, was a milestone for a group of friends, that by creating a scene, started a movement that ultimately destabilized the axis of musical production in Brazil. Their second album, Afrociberdelia, was launched in June 1996, but in less than a year, the band – and the world – would lose their front man Chico Science. Despite the huge blow, it wasn’t the end. Nação Zumbi reestablished itself and ever since has reinvented themselves year after year, and album after album. Having released six studio albums, Nação Zumbi brings manguebeat to life, and continues to be one of the most influential and respected Brazilian music bands today. Recorded in 2014, the self-titled album Nação Zumbi, marks the tenth album of their career. It was produced by Berna Ceppas and Kassin.


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