Logan Strosahl
Up Go We
Up Go We  by Logan  Strosahl cover

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I Miss You - 2:51
Bildung - 4:22
The Leaves Be Green - 3:08
M.M: Ground - 3:45
Up Go We - 6:27
Not-Against-Note A3 (For Lyle) - 1:24
Moon - 4:20
DK\'s Jungle Jewel - 2:49
DK\'s Jungle Nights - 4:17
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - 5:35


Logan Strosahl - alto saxophone
Sam Decker - tenor saxophone
Andrew McGovern - trumpet
Michael Sachs - clarinet
Nick Sanders - piano, organ
Henry Fraser - bass
Connor Baker - drums

The creative urge can stem from many surprising sources. Through the eclecticism nurtured by the ease with which younger generations are exposed to diverse music, arts and philosophies, more and more artistic endeavors present new modes of invention with the aid of thoughts and practices spanning centuries. These tendencies are especially apparent in younger artists.Saxophonist and composer Logan Strosahl has been absorbing multifarious influences from early on. He has filtered these influences, ranging from modern jazz to 16th and 17th Century consort music, into his own musical vision that can be heard on his new recording, Up Go We.


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