Daniel Mille
Entre Chien et Loup
Entre Chien et Loup by Daniel Mille cover

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Track List

Les Minots - 7:05
Aube - 4:30
Thema De Maella - 7:03
Danse 7 - 2:16
Les Errances d'Une Valse #1 - 1:19
Les Errances d'Une Valse #2 - 2:41
Les Errances d'Une Valse #3 - 1:40
Les Errances d' Une Valse - 3:01
Novembre - 2:27
Entre Chien Et Loup - 4:48
B - 5:29
Les Embruns - 2:41
Cinema - 8:04
Binterlude - 1:51


Minino Garay - vocals, percussion
Jean-Christophe Maillard - programming, vocals, producer, fender rhodes, guitar, piano
Rémi Vignolo - double bass
Daniel Mille - accordion, vocals
Jules Issac Bikoko - vocals, double bass
Laurent Dehors - clarinet bass, clarinet contrabass, sax soprano, clarinet
Gérard Tempia Bonda - violin
Christian Mille - violin
Louis Mille - performer
Martin Mille - performer
Frédéric Deville - cello
Daniel Goyone - fender rhodes,
percussion, piano

For his fourth opus, Entre Chien et Loup, Daniel Mille was crystal-clear in his mind: "I wanted to make an accordionist's record, not an accordion album, and pay special attention to the compositions. Composing is like a second trade, to me. When people listen to one of my pieces, like those of Daniel Goyone, I like the writing to be recognized."

In that respect, Piazzola and Toninho Horta have nourished him as much as jazz or the dancehalls of the Rue de Lappe.


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