Aldo Del Rio
El Bardo
El Bardo  by Aldo  Del Rio cover

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Aurora - 3:55
Tomame o déjame - 4:14
Deja que hablen de mi - 3:13
Si me pudieras querer - 4:36
Congo de Ampanga - 3:29
El Bardo - 4:57
El aguacero - 3:11
Mia - 3:41
Tu eres plante na\'ma - 1:57
Lagrimas negras - 5:35
Cayetano baila bembé - 3:23
La Rosa Oriental - 4:37


Aldo Del Rio - tres

The best method in which to experience a culture is to go directly to the source. Sunnyside Records discovered the extraordinary tres player Aldo del Rio during travels made in January 2000. Shortly thereafter, El Bardo was recorded, thus preserving a fabulous example of Cuban son by one of its leading practitioners. The twelve tracks presented here are a collection of songs made popular in Cuba over the past 80 years.


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