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Muiñeira for Cristina - 5:03
Muiñeira de Carmen - 4:46
Blue In Green - 4:10
Dindi - 5:02
Gaitango (A Cristina Pato) - 4:15
Remain Alert - 3:55
Rosiña - 4:06
Jota de Pontevedra - 5:09
Pandeirada Bestia - 3:11
Mala Entraña Ou O Pasodobre De Paderne - 2:37


Cristina Pato - bagpipes, piano, flute, vocals, tambourine
Victor Prieto - accordion
Edward Perez - double bass
Eric Doob - drums
Edmar Castañeda - harp
John Hadfield - percussion
Colin Jacobsen - violin
Emilio Solla - piano
Sandeep Das - tabla
Xan Padrón - bouzouki
Mike Block - cello
Roberto Comesaña - accordion
Suso Vaamonde - bagpipes

"Migrations. Roots and Jazz in NYC
by Cristina Pato
“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Eliot
this album has already taught me

I play the Gaita, the Galician Bagpipe, and the piano, two instruments that represent two very different ways of
understanding music; two instruments that represent two completely different traditions; and two very different facets of
my personality represented in this new album.
Migrations is purely and simply the result of years of searching for my own voice and my place as an artist. It is the
synthesis of my classical training, my visceral connection to Galician popular music and my career in world music.
Migration is a concept closely related to my culture, my family and my life. The idea of objects and people finding their
space in another place without losing their identity serves here as the metaphor of my own way of finding a musical
language that would honor my roots, my instincts, my education and all the beautiful things I have learned from other
artists in my personal journey....
My personal and musical migration and all the things that, migrating, have constantly changed the path I was supposed
to follow and made me create my own way...."


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