Crossroads by Hemispheres cover

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The Glide - 07:19
Fathers And Sons - 08:42
Golden Heart/Guiding Spirit - 07:51
Intro To Katrina - 02:11
Katrina Ballerina - 07:35
Spirits Of Another Sort - 05:09
Running Shadows - 04:51
Mirror Images (ID) - 03:41
Zarbi - 10:02


Ian Dogole - percussion
Paul McCandless - woodwind
Sheldon Brown - saxophone, clarinet
Bill Douglass - acoustic bass
Frank Martin - piano
Hossein Massoudi - vocals, tro khmer

Jazz musicians seem to be increasingly flexible stylistically and inspired by music from all over the globe. This fusion of musical influences has created performers who enjoy advanced technical facility and have open ears, furthering the progression of modern music. Percussionist Ian Dogole is one such musician and his new recording Crossroads displays his overarching vision of music as a conglomeration of the many sounds from around the world. Dogole has been dedicated to the research and performance of music from indigenous cultures and applying this to jazz performance.
The recording displays this cultural blend along with Dogole’s prowess as a composer and improviser. He is joined by his Hemispheres band, which is made up of other like minded musicians including the legendary woodwind player Paul McCandless (of Oregon fame), saxophonist/clarinetist Sheldon Brown, bassist Bill Douglass, pianist Frank Martin and Hossein Massoudi covering vocals and tombak. Crossroads meets at the middle ground between world music and jazz and is a persuasive argument for their increasing cross-pollination.


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