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Holiday For Pete & Gladys - 5:48
Hope - 7:55
Diana - 8:06
Lost At The Carnival - 7:11
Holodeck Waltz - 5:14
Princess - 7:48
In All Her Finery - 3:41
Parsley Trees - 6:14
Trip - 5:33
Crossing Troll Bridge - 6:07


Jim Beard - piano, Fender Rhodes
Vince Mendoza - conductor

Metrople Orchestra:
1st violin - Arlia De Ruiter, Coleman Willis, David Peijnenborgh, Denis Koenders, Erica Korthals Altes, Pauline Terlouw, Polina Cekov, Ruben Margarita, Sarah Koch, Seija Teeuwen, Vera Laporeva
2nd violin - Elizabeth Liefkes Cats, Herman Van Haaren, Lucja Domski, Marianne Van Den Heuvel, Merijn Rombout, Ruben Margarita, Seda Erdem, Seija Teeuwen, Simone Vierstra, Vera Laporeva, Wim Kok
cello - Anders Davidsson, Annie Tangberg, Bastiaan Van Der Werf, Jos Teeken, Wim Grin
contrabass - Annemieke Marinkovic, Arend Liefkes, Erik Winkelmann, Jeroen Rekk�, Maaike Wierda
drums - Marcel Serierse, Martijn Vink
flute - Friederike Darius, Janine Abbas, Mari�l Van Den Bos
french horn - Ren� Pagen, Roel Koster
guitar - Peter Tiehuis
harp - Joke Schonewille
harpsichord - Arthur James
jazzbass - Aram Kersbergen, Frans Van Geest
oboe - Martin De Ruiter, Willem Luijt
orchestra percussion - Frank Wardenier, Jeroen De Rijk, Mike Sch�perclaus, Murk Jiskoot
saxophone - Jos Beeren, Leo Janssen, Marc Scholten, Max Boeree, Paul Van Der Feen, Werner Janssen
trombone - Bart Van Lier, Bart Van Lier / Ilja Reijngoud, Jan Bastiani, Jan Oosting, Martin Van Den Berg
trumpet - Henk Heijink, Jan Hollander, Jan Oosthof, Jelle Schouten, Ruud Breuls, Wim Both
viola - Aim�e Versloot, Iris Schut, Julia Jowett, Lex Luijnenburg, Marit Ladage, Mieke Honingh, Norman Jansen

"Vince Mendoza and I were brought together again in 2003 for �Some Skunk
Funk� (Randy with Michael Brecker), a live recording project with the WDR big band of Cologne, Germany, with Vince as conductor/arranger and me as keyboardist. During
one of the breaks, Vince and I talked about his experiences as guest conductor and arranger for the Metropole Orchestra in The Netherlands and he asked if I would I be
interested in being a guest artist with the orchestra.
I expressed extreme interest in this, since I�ve always had a great love for the realization of music in special formats, and felt honored to have Vince express his interest
in working with my music.
Plans were made to record six songs in March of 2005. This recording, as are many of the Dutch Broadcasting sessions on the NPS, was intended for a radio broadcast
The recording was considered to be a great success by all and after some time went by, the idea of recording more and making a full length CD for commercial release came
up. The Metropole Orchestra, which has its home in Hilversum, The Netherlands (about 25 minutes outside of Amsterdam) is an amazing organization. It is the last surviving orchestra with the traditional �radio orchestra� instrumentation, an orchestra with a rhythm section and additional brass and saxophones enabling a �big band� sound when needed. This type of orchestra was very popular in the 40s and 50s but has gradually died away.

Jim has accumulated a good list of quiet accolades from reputable reviewers, but my sense is that he has yet to be discovered to the degree that his talent both warrants and will certainly support. His work belongs in the �required listening� category.
Jim has, for a long time, seemed to me first and foremost a born composer, but even a cursory listen to this disc reveals his compelling power as improviser and pianist, and
forces me to challenge that belief. With that I wholeheartedly recommend and leave you to enjoy �Revolutions� Jon Herington


Great review from Josef Woodard for the November 2009 JazzTimes!

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