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Sweet Georgia Brown - 3:32
Nuits de Saint-Germain des Près - 2:37
Topsy - 3:23
Djazz - 5:43
Valse à Lulu - 1:50
Symphonie - 3:43
Rythme Futur - 2:39
For Kyriassa - 4:53
Pêche à la mouche - 2:42
Yentl - 4:59
Romano - 3:27
I'll see you in my dreams - 3:38
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - 3:51
Got a Match - 2:20


Steeve Laffont - guitar
Yorgui Loeffler - guitar
Chriss Campion - guitar
Gino Roman - double bass

"Latchès is one of those rare records that grips and enchants the listener from the very first play. However, without the flair and instinct of Marcel Campion, the president of French carnival operators, this record may never have seen the light of day. It was he who, while at a party with friends, brought these four musicians together. These musicians, despite their respective long careers, had never had the opportunity to play together. A few notes from this record suffice to instantly realise that magic is at play.
We are indeed in the presence of a true ""dream team"" here: an endearing band consisting of unique, instinctive and demanding musicians aimed at developing, through a wide variety of musical arrangements, an unparalleled and non-conformist repertoire; in other words, a true musical identity.
This album does not overtly present a modernist stance, but a true determination to adapt the rules of a style that has never been more in fashion than today. Of course, since the death of Django Reinhardt, ""Gypsy jazz"" has never ceased to evolve. The musicians that play on this album have decided to keep in mind the essence of its brilliant creator. To achieve this, these four musicians, Steeve Laffont, Gino Roman, Yorgui Loeffler, and Chriss Campion, have spent two full months together in Paris, playing music, working and enjoying Parisian nights"


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