Brian Cullman
All Fires The Fire
All Fires The Fire by Brian Cullman cover

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As A Man Gets Older - 2:55
The Promise - 4:10
Somebody Calling My Name - 2:18
Missing You By Miles - 3:48
Sweet Companion - 3:43
No God But God - 5:30
J�attends - 2:59
Somewhere Else - 4:38
The Secret Doors - 5:49
Goodnight - 2:53
In Return ~ Coda - 1:14


Brian Cullman - vocals, guitar
John Ellis - winds
Byron Isaacs - guitar
Tony Leone - drums, percussion
Fiona McBain - vocals
Glenn Patscha - piano, accordion, keyboards, guitar
Barry Reynolds - guitar
Oren Bloedow - acoustic bass

"�I started an album 8 or 9 years ago down in New Orleans, but never quite finished it. I got derailed by the various etceteras of life. Then, sometime in 2007, a friend who�d been a label executive called and said he�d been listening to tapes of the New Orleans� sessions and wanted to release them. I was flattered, but it felt like old news. I got together with my friends from the band Ollabelle, and a sound started to take shape. I hadn�t been writing much, but new songs kept appearing, I�d stretch out my hand and they�d pull over, like a taxi. Once we got into the studio, we recorded as live as possible, just kept everything tied to the story and the feeling.��Brian Cullman
��.Quietly devastating. Like Leonard Cohen backed by Garth Hudson
and The Band.� Soundfile (UK)
�Brian Cullman is that rarest of singer-song-writer-instrumentalist-composers - an artist whose intelligence doesn't overwhelm his humanity; an artist whose sensitivity doesn't undercut the fierce mind at work. Cullman
knows the star stuff that we're made of; our nobility, and our treachery, the way we deceive ourselves -- how our greatest loves go unrequited, the funny way our tears turn into laughter -- and back again.�
�Vernon Reid"


�.Quietly devastating. Like Leonard Cohen backed by Garth Hudson and The Band.

Soundfile (UK)


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