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Edouard Glissant, l\'Archipel des Grans Chaos \"La Traite\" - 5:37
Edouard Glissant, l\'Archipel des Grans Chaos \"Les Iles\" - 8:13
Epilogue - Cadences de chaîne - 7:05
Prologue - Paroles Nues - 4:05
Monchoachi, Wélélé nou (nos clameurs) - 11:48
Frantz Fanon 1952 - 7:05
La Chanson d\'Antar - 6:01


Jacques Coursil - trumpet, vocals
Joby Bernabé - vocals
Jean Obeid - vocals
Mino Cinélu - percussion
Alex Bernard - double bass
Yna Boulange - vocals
Aurélie Dalmat - vocals
Mylène Florentiny - vocals

The four oratorios for trumpet and voice that make up CLAMEURS restore the world-cry of four poets in their own tongues, Creole, French and Arabic. But this clamor is neither a lament nor hatred. The trumpet hears and breathes naked words. It is a mouth-drum, the instrument of appeal. "In this world where things hurt," wrote Frantz Fanon, "truth has no need to be flung in men's faces." It has to be sought out and sung: its place is in music.
In 1965 French trumpeter Jacques Coursil landed in New York. Having played with Alan Silva, Sunny Murray, Marion Brown, Frank Wright and Arthur Jones, in 1969 he recorded tracks with them that have gone down as classics in the genre, notably "Black Suite" and "Way Ahead".
His years in New York were dominated by music and literature, the arts and militant politics, and yet Jacques Coursil discovered other things which to his mind were just as fascinating: notably linguistics and mathematical logic. Slowly he moved away from the music scene and began teaching.
The year 2005 marked Jacques Coursil's return to music with an opus entitled Minimal Brass (released on John Zorn's New York label, Tzadik). The project was hailed by critics as having not only audacity and singularity, but also great musicality.


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