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Nada Mas - 6:29
Lanterne Helvète - 5:26
The Sandpiper - 6:39
The Bad Waitress - 2:57
Lake Street - 10:30
Tadorna - 11:17
Distira Lanoan - 6:19
Calicot Vanity - 4:38
Lanterne Helvète (Snap) - 1:11
Impatience - 7:26
Blue Lighthouse - 1:59


Michel Portal - bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Tony Malaby - tenor saxophone
Tony Hymas - piano, keyboards
Erik Fratzke - guitar - bass, guitar - electric
Francois Moutin - double bass
JT Bates - drums
Airto Moreira - percussion
Jef Lee Johnson - guitar - electric
Sonny Thompson - guitar - bass
Michael Bland - drums

The only common factor of all the musical and sound experiences led by Michel Portal is the improvisation and his demand: putting himself constantly at risk, throwing himself away. Even his movie music, even his interpretations of classical music testify to this urgent need.
Michel Portal recorded Bird Watching in Minneapolis with “locals” heavyweights Tony Hymas, Michael Bland, Erik Fratzke, JT Bates and out towners Tony Malaby, Airto Moreira, Jef Lee Johnson and Francois Moutin.


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