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Descarga Uno
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Track List

La Fiesta Esta Comenzando - 4:42
Campina - 6:00
Rumbata - 6:22
Tu, Mi Delirio - 4:07
Rumberos De Verda - 5:23
Soy El Matancero - 5:58
Coge Este Tumbao - 4:53
Charanga Para Ti - 4:58
Changui Para Gozar - 4:39
El Que Siembra Su Maiz - 4:01
Baila Mi Conga, Vacilala - 3:15


What is it about a good solid Latin groove that makes a square white boy like me want to swing his hips like a cinnamon-skinned chica at a disco? Even if there isn't something deep in the genetic code of every homo sapiens sapiens to command them to respond to these rhythms, (and by God there is), in the wake of The Buena Vista Social Club we in Norte America are terribly susceptible to the best, sweetest, turningest clave, piano, and drum patterns that are the roots of the tunes on this disc.

In fact, there is on this album one alumnus from that veteran Princess Theatre movie, lute player Barbarito Torres. Maybe this is elevator music to one who lives with the real thing. I don't care. This music could talk a homicidal lunatic down from a clock tower. It soars along. We're all dancing like Peanuts characters. What the hell are they singing about? Does it matter? I'm dancing, I'M DANCING.

Jon Ward


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