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Soul, Peace & Love
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Peacemakers - 3:45
Oh When The saints - 4:31
Come Back Lover - 5:17
God Made A Miracle - 5:30
Silver & Gold - 5:26
You Ain't No Christian Enough - 3:39
For Your Love Is better Than Wine - 5:31
By The Rivers Of babylon - 2:56
Let Ther Be Light - 3:20
The Rich Man - 6:02
Remember Me - 3:30
Can't Nobody Know My trouble - 5:12


Liz McComb - vocals
Various choirs - vocals

The recording of the �Soul, Peace and Love� trilogy is a musical journey that unfolds like a road movie, from Paris to Pointe-�-Pitre, and goes through Richmond, Washington, Berlin NJ, Cleveland and Los Angeles. Each stop describes a new adventure full of chance encounters and moving reunions. The jazzy inflections sets McComb apart from her peers. Whereas, most soul singers simply call upon their church roots, McComb calls upon the church and the Cotton Club stylings of Billie Holiday and other jazz greats to color her tunes. The improvisation, the syncopated chord patterns, the hushed moans, the cathartic wails and the aggressively Pentecostal approach to the keyboard makes her work something beyond this astral plane.
Life can be a roller coaster, so McComb takes us up and down to convey certain moods, the highs and the low. Perhaps, the most poignant lyric in the entire oeuvre is when McComb passionately asks, �What would I give in exchange for my soul?� on the tripped - down southern blues of �The Rich Man.� It�s a question for us all as we wrestle with life�s temptations of materialism, self-indulgence and selfishness.


She is one of the most commanding and original gospel-singing stylists per-forming today, and, as her message of universal brotherhood in the song Peacemakers suggests, the world is her

Lee Hildebrand, LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE - April 2007
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