Natalia M. King
Milagro by Natalia M.King

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Bliss - 5:35
Eye To Eye - 5:10
You Are My Song - 5:49
Milagro - 7:35
Angel - 7:43
The Edge - 6:58
Drag - 5:06
In The Inside - 9:42
Beautiful - 7:09


Natalia M. King - vocals, accoustic guitar
Pierre Fruchard - electric guitar bouzouki

The beginning of 2001 saw the release of Milagro, a radiant, spellbinding, non-conformist UFO that revealed the impressive strength of conviction in a newcomer on the Parisian scene, singer Natalia M. King.

The result was the release of Milagro (a French word for “miracle”), a collection that alternated dark ballads, oriental vibrations (the sumptuous album track of the same name), and minimalist constructions borrowing from blues, rock, funk, gospel, folk and country music.

A sound that was 100% acoustic and a group reduced to the essentials: two guitars and a drummer. The music was impulsive and authentic, unpremeditated and untargeted, properly unclassifiable and of particularly caustic freshness. Natalia won her bet: “I finally found myself, and finally I had the feeling I’d reached the whole world. The release of Milagro was like being born again!”


"Milagro" is an hypnotic collection of ballads and improvisational uptempo tunes, played over complex, shifting tempos. Natalia's remarkable voice works confidently in a wide landscape, at one moment percussive and raw, at another subtle and seductive. The album is constructed from a deceptively simple accompaniment of her own acoustic guitar, plus drums and the Hendrix-inspired electric guitar of Pierre Fruchard


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