Clifton Chenier
Frenchin\' The Boogie
Frenchin\' The Boogie by T-Bone Walker cover

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Caldonia - 2:48
Laisser Les Bons Temps Rouler - 3:52
Tu Peux Cogner - 2:36
Le Blues De La Vache A Lait - 3:32
Moi J\'ai Une P\'tite Femme - 2:22
Tous Les Jours Mon Coeur Est Blue - 4:06
J\'veux Faire l\'Amour A Toi - 2:59
Choo Choo Ch\' Boogie - 2:49
La Valse De Paris - 3:03
Shake, Rattle And Roll - 2:12
Going Down Slow (In Paris) - 3:44
Aye, Aye Mama - 2:16
Don\'t You Lie To Me - 3:07
I Want To Be Your Driver - 3:05


Clifton Chenier - vocals, accordion
Cleveland Chenier -
Stanley Dural Jr. - piano
Buckwheat - piano
Stanley Dural Jr. - organ
Buckwheat - organ
Paul Senegal - guitar
Robert Peter - drums
Jeff Pollard - guitar
Leon Medica - acoustic bass
Lon Price - tenor saxophone

In the early sixties , the Folk and Blues revival established that somewhere in Louisiana, but not in New Orleans apparently, there was a vibrant French Creole culture where local black musicians had mixed their original patois with blues,rhythm & blues and rock-’n’roll. With the addition of percussive sounds such as the rubboard, they had created a new style ofmusic called Zydeco (“lez’haricots,”beans music). The accordion was the leading instrument and the king of that particular style was definitely Clifton Chenier, a man from Opelousas,a small community inteh middle of the Cajun Prairie.
French is the way Clifton naturally sings the songs because Cajun French is his first language, not English. what Clifton does best is captured here on record. Strong songs with feeling. Frenchin' the Boogie will make you get up, and you may never stop dancin'.


Chenier's voice is its usual combination of whisky-coarsened raspiness and buoyant jubilation... and the overall athmosphere is straight-ahead party from beiginning to end.

David Whiteis, LIVING BLUES MAGAZINE - April 2007
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