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Architect Of The Silent Moment
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Usual Illusion - 07:29
Strip Mall Ballet - 07:50
El Otro - 02:52
Architect Of The Silent Moment - 07:14
Masoosong - 06:05
Feign Tonal - 02:58
From Within - 08:09
Smoke Stack - 05:56
Window of time - 07:55


Scott Colley - acoustic bass
Ralph Alessi - trumpet
Craig Taborn - piano, organ
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Dave Binney - saxophone
Jason Moran - piano
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Adam Rogers - guitar

From the opening track of this disc, it’s clear that each of these musicians has completely internalized the last half-century of jazz practices and aesthetics. Colley’s distinctive blending of electric and acoustic instruments, unusual forms and meters, and novel grooves clearly marks Architect as a product of the new millennium, as do the performers’ extraordinary rhythmic and melodic acuity in dealing with this challenging material.
The creative individuals who have come together to render this music in a permanent way, trust that jazz’s ongoing engagement with ideas, sounds, and identities from many eras and places can and will continue. Architect of the Silent Moment stands as an act of defiance both to those who would simply repeat the past and those who would throw it away entirely.


The music and playing of bassist Scott Coley made one of the best of the discs I reviewed this month.

Cadence Magazine - June 2007
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This album will expand your horizons...
This is not background music. It merits close attention. There are accomplished performances here wrapped up in a high energy, full range acoustic package.

Sett Cagey, JAZZ IMPROV Magazine - May 2007
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It is too early in the new year to vote, but Architect of the Silent Moment is on my working Top 10 list for 2007.

Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes - May 2007
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...guests emerge and disappear throughout the work... gives way to enjoyment exploring cumulative and unrepeated group textures.

Fred Bouchard, all.about.jazz - September 2007
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