John Taylor
Angel Of The Presence
Angel of the Presence by John Taylor

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Up Too Late - 7:30
Dry Stone - 7:12
In Cologne - 6:28
Sweet Dulcinea - 7:16
Vaguely Asian - 5:57
Fable - 5:15
Afterthought - 6:29
Intro To No Particular Song - 6:02


John Taylor - piano
Palle Danielson - double-bass
Martin France - drums

The formula of this piano jazz trio is particularly congenial to John Taylor, who in “Angel of The Presence” highlights the numerous qualities that have been recognized for a long time now. To start, from that distinct melodic sense that indelibly marks each of his performances. The understanding between Palle Danielsson and Martin France is perfect and is nourished by a natural interplay which is generated continuously.
But John is also a fine composer and he shows it in the four tracks on the CD entitled “Dry Stone”, “In Cologne”, “Fable” and “Afterthought”. Therefore, not only in virtue of the expressive elegance and emotional depth that defines each instant on the CD, “Angel of The Presence” is surely one of the best albums recorded so far by John Taylor. It’s not easy today to say something new in an environment as classic as the piano-bass-drum trio, but John Taylor is always able to surprise and to involve oneself in a listening experience that is truly stimulating.


A delightful, surprising and thoroughly enjoyable set that shows off TAylor's gifts.
Ross Boissoneau, JAZZIZ - March 2007
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John Taylor is probably the best jazz pianist in England. Angel of the Presence is surely among his strongest recordings.
, JazzTimes - January 2007
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