Ximo Tebar
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Inner Urge - 3:38
Martino - 5:00
Mensaje - 6:01
My Evidence (About Monk And Trane) - 6:10
Esp - 5:11
Ralladura - 2:56
Eclipse - 5:34
Pinocchio - 6:24
One Step Ahead - 7:02
Pur´┐Ż De Patata - 7:51
Tricotism - 3:47


Ximo Tebar - guitar & scat vocals
Dave Samuels - vibes & marimba
Anthony Jackson - bass
Cesar Giner - bass
Rob Bargad - organ & piano
Donald Edwards - drums
Dario Boente - synthetisers
Roland Guerrero - Percussion

This is serious stuff. It's jazz, first-class jazz. And it's Ximo, jazz guitarist, and proud of it! At a time when there were no jazz guitarists around in Spain, nor jazz musicians (except for Tete Montoliu), Ximo was one of the first who dared to step out.
I love Ximo, his eclecticism, which does him credit, his deep understanding of jazz, which nobody can deny and which he infuses into his music. This is Ximo Tebar: all guitarists in one.


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