Days Like These
Days Like These by Morley cover

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Vision Warrior - 3:33
Free Fall - 3:32
Just Like You - 4:28
Softly - 3:48
Pleasure - 4:27
Time - 4:31
Cross These Waters - 4:21
My Bed Is By The Sea - 3:36
Days Like These - 5:34
Hush - 4:51
Women Of Hope - 4:20
I Remember Me Too - 5:46
Raison D' Etre C'est Lamour - 4:01


Morley - vocals
Lokua Kanza

Days Like These is the new album written, arranged, and produced by singer-songwriter Morley. Co-produced with Ken Rich and multi Grammy winning engineer Jay Newland (Norah Jones).

Days Like These is a sultry mix of soul, folk, R&B, and otherworldly flavors creating a sumptuous brew that will stimulate your senses and penetrate your soul. Couched in her romantic and angelic voice, her cosmopolitan songs are simultaneously spiritual, sensual, down-to-earth, with a soulful, international bent. Reflective of her diverse influences as a poet, dancer, choreographer, and singer, her voice and music are a distinctive hybrid of a range of artists from Roberta Flack to Sade to Annie Lenox to Joni Mitchell, with a sound that is all her own.

Sensuality, soul, intellect, and relevance are qualities she shares with these artists, and Morley carries on their legacy of writing and performing music from the heart (and mind) for the heart and mind in a sound that is all her own. "With no religious connotation, there's a mix of the spiritual and the sensual in my music", muses Morley, "I join them together because I believe them to be from the same source."


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