Franck Amsallem & Tim Ries
Is That So?
Is That So? by Franck Amsallem & Tim Ries cover

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Is That So? - 5:06
Dee - 4:57
New Life - 1:38
Running After Eternity - 5:23
New Life II - 1:22
Whose Side Are You On Anyway - 9:32
Now I Remember You - 6:29
New Life III - 0:45
Look Inside - 4:48
And Keep This Palace In Mind For A Better One Is Hard To Find - 3:57
New Life IV - 1:14
The Music Box - 7:48
We'Ll Be Together Again - 5:03
New Life V - 1:24


Franck Amsallem - piano
Tim Ries - saxophones
Leon Parker - drums

"To dwell on what's not here - no contrabass, no familiar songs - is to miss what is: sterling interplay, pristine sonics and joyous creation. This hour long DDD platter spotlights the engaging melodicism and venturesome romps of pianist Amsallem and reedman Ries. The resoundly subtle percussion of Leon Parker enhances selected numbers. (Gene Kalbacher / CMJ Report)


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