Les Primitifs du Futur
World Musette
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Fox Musette - 3:45
Portrait d’un 78tard - 2:14
C’est la Goutte d’Or Qui Fait Déborder La Valse - 4:15
Maldita Noche - 4:50
Scattin’ The Blues - 3:57
Scattin’ The Blues - 3:50
Chanson Pour Louise Brooks - 4:05
Cruelle Tendresse - 3:00
La Java Viennoise - 5:00
Cruelle Tendresse - 3:10
Kid Chocolat - 3:03
Valse D’Amour - 3:15
La Valse Chinoise - 4:20
Rêve Secret - 3:20
Le Blues De Dix-Neuf Heures Trente - 2:26


Daniel Huck - vocals, alto saxophone
Robert Crumb - banjo, mandoline
Dominic Cravic - vocals, guitars
Daniel Colin - accordeon, bandoleon
Fabienne Dondard - accordeon
Fay Lovsky - scie musicale, ukulele
Jean Michel Davis - drums, xylophone, vibraphone
Raul Barboza - accordeon
Francois Ovide - national duolian, mandoline , guitar
Robert Santiago - flute
Marc Richard - trumpet, baryton saxophone, clarinet
Bertrand Auger - clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute
Jean Pierre Chaty - saxophone
Jean Philipe Viret - conterbass
Mohammed El Yazid Baazi - oud
Khireddine Medjoubi - darbouka
Olivier Blavet - harmonica
Ian McCamy - violon
Monique Hutter - vocal
Isabelle Vandel - vocal
Herve Legeay - guitar
Marc Edouard Nabe - guitar
Anthony Baldwin - piano
Michel Esbelin - cabrette
John Greaves - piano
Yves Torchinsky - bass

The story of the Primitifs du Futur begins in 1986, when Robert Crumb was invited to take part in the Angoulême Comic-Book Festival. He stayed on after the event and made Paris his home for a few months, together with his wife and daughter.
It's not widely-known that the man who was Pope of the underground comic in the Seventies is also a great admirer of Twenties' and Thirties' recordings – principally blues and country, but also French music like the musette variety popular in Paris. A talented mandolin-player who also plucks the banjo and the ukulele, Crumb was for a long time the leader of a now-legendary group calling itself The Cheap Suit Serenaders.
He was introduced to Dominique Cravic, who took him forthwith to visit another mandolin-freak by the name of Jean-Claude Asselin, and the result was a kind of mpromptu “musette jam”. Before Crumb returned to The United States, the whole crew decided that these moments of great utopia should be preserved for posterity. A gleeful Cocktail d’amour was recorded – a famous 10" vinyl now a real collectors' item – containing six tracks that mingled blues and musette with a tender fervour.
The group quickly found a name for itself: Les Primitifs du Futur. The droll, provocative paradox in the name was seen by Cravic and Roussin as a deliberate statement of a basically simple conviction: that it was possible to invent a new youth for the past, to make new from old.


It's like cooking: there are many differnt ingredients that go in the same meal, but the result fo that meal have to be good to hear. Each musician adds a different spice to the cooking on the stage.

Tad Hendrickson, GLOBAL RHYTHM - February 2007
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