Antoine Bleck
Mes Illusions
Mes illusions by Antoine Beck

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Mes Illusions - 3:17
Sponteneite - 3:45
French Tuesdays - 4:20
Sophie\'s Song - 3:06
Mea Culpa - 4:01
Un Blues Francais - 4:10
Mlle Nostalgie - 3:58
Desinvolture Inquiete - 3:40
Opia Sky - 3:33
Central Park - 4:09
La Toupie - 2:55
Un Tunnel - 3:36
Les Feuilles Mortes - 3:15


Antoine Bleck - piano, keyboards, vocals
Antoine Reininger - bass
Dombrance - guitars
David Siliman - percussions
Cassandra Reed, Zoe Bleck, Lucia DeBrilli, CharlElie, Antoine Reininger, Dombrance - background vocals

Since the release of his first Cd in 2003 he met the very talented Charlelie Couture (for those who don't know him, he is a kind of French Elvis costello with the voice of Dr. John). His second album "mes illusions" tells the story of a song writter and his illusions , his souvenirs of chilhood (Mlle Nostalgie) or when he first moved to New York from France, "central park" "Opia sky" "Sophie's song".
The sound is definitely European, with a touch of jazz and his singing is good crooning... Bleck writes the melodies, and plays and Charlelie and helped him with lyrics.


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