McHouston Baker
Mississippi Delta Blues
Mississippi Delta Blues by McHouston Baker

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Good Advice - 3:06
High Sheriff Blues - 3:41
Blues Before Sunrise - 3:44
Terraplane Blues - 2:51
Animal Farm - 3:33
Alabama March - 3:31
Sun Is Going Down - 3:43
Sweet Home Chicago - 3:28
My Black Woman - 2:45
Can\'t Find My Woman - 3:27
Trouble Is A Woman - 3:29
Lazy Daisy - 3:00
Spoonful - 3:09
Drucilla - 4:19
Whoa! Back Buck - 5:09


McHouston “Mickey” Baker - vocals, acoustic guitar, national guitar, string arrangements
Stefan Grossman - acoustic 6 and 12 strings guitars
Ray Cooper - percussion

On “Good Advice” Only:
Alan Roberts - drums
Les Sampson - bass

Producer Philippe Rault came across Mickey one day when he needed a good
arranger, and was so taken with Mickey’s guitar work and reflective approach to the blues
of the past masters like J.B. Lenoir and Charlie Patton that he decided to record Mickey all on his own, save for a little help from an old friend, Stefan Grossman. The result is here in
these 12 songs, all of them recorded with the feeling that only a masterful guitarist can bring to his craft. They are quite simply, classics.


NO, THIS IS NOT your run-of-the-mill blues album, but then again McHouston
“Mickey” Baker is not your run-of-the-mill artist. He is an autodidact and his spirit and determination in the everyday uphill battle called “life” helped him create his own musical vision, and on his own terms. Mississippi Delta Dues is part of that process but it is not the end of the road either.
McHouston “Mickey” Baker, now 79,
is somewhere in the Toulouse countryside, working full-time on the next musical phases of his life. A very hip cat and he’s goin for the full nine lives.
Philippe Rault, September 2004
Los Angeles.

(This album) will come as a shock... Most of the songs are well within the blues tradition, Yet Baker's performance of them manage to be simutatneously traditional and avant-garde.

Lee Hidebrand, Living Blues, November 2006 read the full article


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