Laszlo Gardony
Natural Instinct
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Natural Instinct - 5:01
Revolution - 6:05
Hidden Message - 5:50
Motherless Child - 4:38
Me and My Echo - 2:17
Waking Dreams - 5:38
Thinking of Stella - 6:37
Peace - 3:57
Softly (As in a Morning Sunrise) - 6:53
Someone - 6:19
Us and the Night and the Music - 5:06


Laszlo Gardony - piano
John Lockwood - bass
Yoron Israel - drums

Pianist/composer Gardony presents an album of beauty, strength and relevance that engages its listener with unflinching honesty. Described as the next classic sound in jazz, Gardony's music is innovative, current and forward looking. The trio communicates uncannily, their interactions radiating great fun and powerful momentum. "Good music keeps us connected to our center and helps us, under any circumstance, conduct our lives from that center. Listening to our natural instinct is essential for living in dignity and integrity and for acting in a clear-headed, calm and positive way." says Gardony.
The cuts on this CD vary from originals of Gardony to visionary rethinking of standards. Natural Instinct is a response to what Gardony feels music must be: "mobilizing, healing, forward-looking, remembering, protective of spirit, and supportive of mindset and action toward one's best direction."
Laszlo Gardony is a great pianist, and this is superb music. Complexity and technicality are present but never overshadow musicality.


If jazz piano trio recordings make your world go around, this will be spinning in your player for quite sometime.
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