Francesco Cafiso
Happy Time
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Louisiana - 4:59
She loves me - 11:56
Happy Time - 7:31
Anabel - 5:47
Blues for Angel - 9:48
Sir Charles - 5:38
Goodbye Elvin - 7:59
The Bear - 6:00


Francesco Cafiso - sax
Riccardo Arrighini - piano
Aldo Zunino - bass
Stefano Bagnoli - drums

All the selections are Cafiso originals and most are dedications. Here are some facts for your edification.
“Louisiana”—written in New Orleans (pre-Katrina) and dedicated to the late James Williams. Cafiso and Bagnoli open in tandem with Francesco alluding to Charlie Parker on “Koko” and quoting from the old Louis Prima number, “Robin Hood.” A terse, early bebop riff is a recurring part of the fabric at beginning and end. In between Arrighini gets a chance to stretch on the “Rhythm” changes. “She Loves Me”—This one is for Francesco’s girlfriend. It is a lovely theme with a mixture of hope and angst, kind of melodically, in places, a cousin to “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most.” I don’t know his girlfriend but this valentine should move her. It’s sweetly tender, strongly pas¬sionate and a lot of warm feelings in
between. Francesco’s sound here, although he doesn’t use the extreme, upper register, is as close to the kind of pure beauty for which Paul Desmond was appreciated. “Happy Time” is upbeat because Francesco was feeling that way in this period. The tempo changes are effective. “Anabel”, a serene and thoughtful piece with some free sections, was written for Anabel Anderson, trom¬bonist Ray Anderson’s daughter whom Francesco met at Umbria Winter Jazz.


17 year old Cafiso is more than a talented teen. Cafiso proves himself to be a mature player with an identifiable style.
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