Leny Eversong
Barclay sessions
Barclay Sessions by Leny Eversong

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Meu Prostesto - 02:24
Jangada - 03:22
Cabecinha No Ombro - 02:45
Pensando Em It - 02:57
Na Baixa Do Sapateiro - 04:19
Porque Vivemos Assim - 02:53
Regeneração - 03:17
Meu Quarto Vazio - 02:51
Canta Brasil - 02:59
E Nadas Mais - 02:24
Aguas De Saquarema - 04:48
Amei Bastante - 03:17


Leny Eversong - vocal
Paulinho - piano and orchestra
Fafa de Lemes - violin
Chiquinho de Acordeon - accordion

When she gave a concert at The Olympia in Paris in 1958 during a tour that would also take her to The United States, it had already been some years since Brazilian singer Leny Eversong had returned to the repertoire of her native country. Formerly Hilda Campos Soares da Silva, she was born in 1910 and died in 1984; she had acquired a certain celebrity in Brazil by performing only American songs in English. She chose the stage-name Leny Eversong in 1935 when she joined Radio Atlântica, a station in her native city Santos, the large metropolis in the state of São Paulo that later saw the birth of another artist, this time a footballer: Pêle.
For a singer in those days, joining a radio group meant the chance to appear in shows recorded in front of an audience, and seeing one’s name become a household word. For the most part, Leny Eversong’s career was divided between shows on the national radio networks, in cabarets and in the great casinos of the day (Cassino de Urca, Copacabana Palace Hotel, ...)
The romantic songs of Leny Eversong give one the strange impression of seeing Gilda again, the film in which Rita Hayworth causes poor Glenn Ford to suffer in a luxurious Argentinean casino. It’s a question of atmosphere. The emphatic lyrics are heavy storms to come, and the violin (it has to be Fafa de Lemos) and accordion (that sound belongs only to Chiquinho do Acordéon) entrance the sombre melodies. They’re songs for days when Latin lovers, their hearts broken by love’s disappointments, let great, salty tears flow down their cheeks...


The Barclays Sessions is the perfect tribute to romantics everywhere, in particular those who long for the sounds of old in a modern world.

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