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Track List

Nostalgia - 3:35
Chorinho em Aldeia - 2:30
Ciumento - 2:12
Curinga - 4:07
Diabinho Maluco - 3:20
Cochichando - 7:17
Choro pro Guilherme - 3:37
Vôo da Mosca - 2:20
Passa Tempo - 2:40
1x0 - 4:00
Sweet One - 2:17
Chorinho pra Dani - 7:06
A Ginga do Mané - 3:45


Anat Cohen - clarinet
Carlos Almeida - 6 & 7-string guitar
Gustavo Dantas - 7-string guitar
Pedro Ramos - cavaquinho & tenor guitar
Zé Maurício - pandeiro & percussion

This is the first release of the New York based Choro Ensemble. Choro or "Crying" music is just one more incredible musical artform produced by Brazil. It is a cross between classical and samba with shades of pagode. Guitar, mandolin, percussion, cavaquinho are among some of the instruments played in this beautiful yet difficult artform. Formed in 2001 by Brazilian scholar and cavaquinho player Pedro Ramos, The Choro Ensemble brings this rich musical tradition to American audiences. Choro Ensemble showcases Brazil’s musical diversity with pieces from great Brazilian composers like Ernesto Nazareth, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Zequinha de Abreu, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Tom Jobim and others. They will also play their own arrangements and compositions.


"Choro Ensemble's exuberance makes it sound simple, but that's deceptive: guitarist Gustavo Dantas manages contrapuntal complexity worthy of Bach. . . clarinetist Anat Cohen [is] sharp in her improvisations. . .
like all Brazilian music, choro is infectious... It is "Some of the best Brazilian sound in town… The music is authentic stuff, played in a style you would have heard in Rio Cafes in the 20s and 30s."
The Village Voice.


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