Salvatore Bonafede & Enrico Rava
Journey To Donnafugata
Journey to Donnafugata y Salvator Bonafede cover

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Viaggio A Donnafugata - 6:49
Gran Valzer (Solo Trumpet) - 0:45
Reputation And Character - 8:00
Mazurka - 2:30
Polka - 4:02
Controdanza (N. Rota)/Taceas, Me Spectes (S. Bonafede) - 2:13
Galop - 3.49
Quadriglia - 5:25
Taceas, Me Spectes - 4:25
Gran Valzer (solo trumpet) - 0:24
Angelica - 6:17
Valzer del Commiato - 2:22
Viaggio A Donnafugata - 5:03


Enrico Rava - trumpet, fluegelhorn
John Abercrombie - electric guitar
Salvatore Bonafede - piano
Ben Street - bass
Clarence Penn - drums

Special Guests :
Ralph Towner - classical guitar
Michele Rabbia - percussion

Recorded in Rome on 12, 13 May 2003 at Forum Music Village Studio.

Arguably, Italy’s Nino Rota was the greatest composer for cinema. He scored sixteen of Federico Fellini’s films, but - as today’s fascinating featured disc reminds us - many others' films (among them "The Godfather Part II", for which Rota won an Oscar in 1975) benefited from Rota’s genius. Twenty-five years after Rota's death Italian pianist & composer Salvatore Bonafede salutes him, very inventively. “Journey to Donnafugata” interprets anew (and goes beyond) Rota’s music for “Il Gattopardo” (“The Leopard”), Luchino Visconti’s 1962 film of Guisseppe di Lampedusa’s immortal novel. Not co-incidentally, Bonafede is Sicilian. Quietly quirky, playful & sometimes mysterious, this very beautiful CD features trumpeter Enrico Rava & the electric guitar of his longtime North American friend, John Abercrombie. Their mutual friend Ralph Towner plays classical guitar.

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