Meredith d'Ambrosio
Another Time
Another Time by Meredith d\'Ambrosio cover

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All Of Us In It Together - 2:59
Aren\'T You Glad You\'Re You - 1:45
It\'S So Peaceful In The Country - 3:28
Rain, Rain (Don\'T Go Away) - 3:14
Dear Bix - 2:52
Lazy Afternoon - 3:02
Where\'S The Child I Used To Hold - 1:59
Love Is A Simple Thing - 2:48
You Are There - 2:37
While We\'Re Young - 2:20
Small Day Tomorrow 3:35
A Child Is Born - 2:51
The Piano Player(A Thousand And One Saloons) - 2:08
Someday My Prince Will Come - 2:11
Such A Lonely Girl Am I - 2:45
Wheelers And Dealers - 3:16
I Was Doin\' All Right - 2:47
Skylark - 3:37


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocal, piano

"She seems captured by the mood of singer alone with the rise and fall of the melodies to which the words are even, yes...even, perhaps the grainy sunlight muted by rain mottled windows. And you are captured, too. Captured, enthralled, mesmerized, delighted..." (Alan Bargebuhr Cadence)


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