Meredith d'Ambrosio
Little Jazz Bird
Little Jazz Bird by Meredith d'Ambrosio cover

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Little Jazz Bird - 3:31
The Wine Of May - 5:05
There'S A Lull In My Life - 3:54
I'Ll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him - 3:28
How Is Your Wife - 4:04
Self Defense Waltz - 2:38
Cliches - 5:07
Spring In Manhattan - 3:23
Songbird - 3:45
Our Love Rolls On - 3:25
When The End Comes - 3:04
The Christmas Waltz - 2:48


Meredith d'Ambrosio - vocals
Hank Jones - piano
Phil Woods - alto sax
Steve Gilmore - bass
Bill Goodwin - drums
Gene Orloff - violin
Fred Buldrini - violin
Fred Slatkin - violin
Julian Barber - cello
Manny Albam - arr/cond

Meredith's artistry, Hank Jones's touch, Phil Woods' brilliance and Manny Albam's craftsmanship make for a very fine album. As always with Meredith, the choice of songs is unique. This recording, produced by Herb Wong, was made for the now defunct Palo Alto label and released only on vinyl. This CD Version includes one extra song.


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