Jerry Gonzalez
Moliendo Café
Moliendo Café by Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache cover

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Obsesion - 8:02
Verdad Amarga - 7:35
Interior Motive - 6:04
Summertime - 5:42
Los Pingaleros - 5:18
Stardust - 4:39
El Toro - 4:04
Moliendo Café - 5:45
Corcovado - 4:46
To Wisdom The Prize - 7:15


Jerry Gonzalez - trumpet, fluegelhorn, percussions
Steve Berrios - drums, percussions
Andy Gonzalez - bass
Joe Ford - alto sax, soprano sax
Carter Jefferson - tenor sax
Larry Willis - piano

"Some jazz bands play music with a Latin flavor, and some Latin bands play music with a jazz tinge. Fort Apache is the only group who plays Latin and jazz equally well and with genuine and natural feeling and virtuosity in both idioms. Their music is really fusion music in the purest and most organic sense." (Rene Lopez / Music Historian)


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