Laszlo Gardony
Ever Before Ever After
Ever Before Ever After by Laszlo Gardony cover

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Satin Doll - 8:38
Ever Before Ever After - 8:35
Stella By Starlight - 9:42
Giant Steps - 4:43
Come With Me - 3:29
Mockingbird - 8:08


Yoron Israel - drums
John Lockwood - bass
Laszlo Gardony - arranger, piano

It is in the creative cauldron of the live concert that Lazslo Gardony's gifts come through. This project documents the trio's live, on-air broadcast from Boston's WGBH-FM studios on October, 9, 2002 before a studio audience. Armed with a piano style that encompasses Bill Evans's elegance, Herbie Hancock's drive and Keith Jarrett's passion, Gardony's music, like the title track he composed, creates a meditative state conducive to the attainment of man's most enduring and timeless aspirations.


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