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Bifurq Blues - 6:38
Melodolodies - 5:03
Prelude- Come Sunday - 5:32
La Valse A 30 Ans - 8:36
Awas - 5:59
Digue - 6:55
Dazzil Jazzil - 5:25


Arnold Mueza - percussion
Vincent Artaud - bass
Baptiste Trotignon - piano
Daniel Bruno Garcia - drums
Jerome Barde - guitar

The fact is, from the very first note, J�r�me Barde's guitar is recognizable among a thousand others : music from the soul, a subtle balance between sweet and sour, an obvious instinct for the essential and a most touching melodic and expressive style.

J�r�me holds in his playing the universal light that illuminates each and every musical emotion : the song. This is characteristic of great musicians, some would say. Although J�r�me Barde imprints and dominates the album throughout, the young pianist Baptiste Trotignon is incontestably prodigious in his dazzling interventions.


French guitarist Jerome Barde has the goods to become a major force in modern jazz. Moreover, the liners to Melodolodie state that he has created and patented a guitar simply known as the "Bardophone, although he wasn't able to use that on this release."

Here, he performs on a strikingly resonant axe made by the French luther Frank Cheval. Barde's energized performances are crafted with a guitar that possesses somewhat of a stereo sound. This is a rapidly paced set, awash with jaunty swing grooves, reinforced by a top-notch bass/piano/drums trio, and also featuring a percussionist on two tracks. Barde's fluent lines and complex chord voicings instill a sense of perpetual motion. The band effortlessly glides thru odd-metered Latin pulses and perky shuffle grooves, to complement a few stylistic and perhaps subliminal nods to Django and Strauss along the way. The music often gravitates to soaring peaks amid vibrant rhythms and unwieldy twists and turns.

As a whole, the production is effervescent, powerful, and undeniably focused. No doubt, Barde is a promising composer and one heck of an improviser. Overall, this is an invigorating affair. Zealously recommended.

~ Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide


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