Moutin Reunion Quartet
Red Moon
Red Moon by Moutin Reunion Quartet cover

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La Mer (Beyond The Sea) - 3:53
Red Moon - 6:18
Apollo 13th - 9:13
Soraya - 5:29
Jazz Married - 6:16
Taking Off - 7:19
Sailing Through The Clouds - 7:48
New-York Silly - 7:12
Elle Aime - 4:42
Stompin' At The Savoy - 2:23


Louis Moutin - drums
Francois Moutin - bass
Baptiste Trotignon - piano
Rick Margitza -

This is the second release of the group of wich Downbeat says “The musicianship is impeccable, and they generate a lot of fire.”
The Moutin Reunion Quartet is exceptional. It's not just the individual talents of its members - though they are prodigious. Nor is it the quality of their compositions - though they are more than well crafted. It's because the group speaks in a harmonious and unified way.
The collective expression harnesses all its talents to present itself here in original form.
The acoustic instrumentation of a traditional quartet is informed here by the best of contemporary Jazz. This is a tribute to MRQ Co-leaders, Drummer Louis and Bassist François Moutin, composers of four originals each, with two arrangements of "standards" by François. The musicians' individual expressions of ideas and feelings emerge from each of them. Each member's trust in each other's talents enables him to dare take any risk.
Pianist Baptiste Trotignon and Saxophonist Rick Margitza, are well known to the International Jazz world for their work in other formations. Their playing for the MRQ is not just 'comping on' or 'soloing over'. It fuses into the music itself; seamlessly weaving in and out of the ten pieces, confident that the power of François' bass and Louis' drums allows them to leap and pounce like cats.
It is only fitting that such a cohesive group as the MRQ is co-led by twin brothers born on a Christmas Eve. Santa had some special treats on his sled for France that night! Yet it was not so simple. François left the first Moutin group and came to the USA in 1996 to pursue his destiny. Louis stayed in Paris to do the same. Separated by thousands of miles the brothers formed this 'Reunion' in 1999! First Baptiste joined and later so did Rick. Now we have "Red Moon"!


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