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Bounce - 4:07
Chill - 3:56
Caribbean Rain Dance - 6:10
Long Lost - 5:08
Resuscitate - 6:06
Cool Kids - 4:33
You and the Night and the Music - 3:58
Milton - 5:29
Picasso - 5:06
Omar Sharif - 5:39


Michael Wolff - piano
Ben Allison - bass
Allan Mednard - drums
Nat Wolff - vocals

Acclaimed jazz pianist Michael Wolff has confirmed a February 7th, 2020 release date for his joyful new album, Bounce. Exuberant, beautiful and able to convey a range of emotions, Bounce reflects Wolff’s upbeat state of mind following his ‘miraculous’ recovery from aggressive cancer. He comments, “Isn’t it great to be alive? I’m celebrating life every day. This album is dedicated to that celebration. I have the good fortune to play with these fantastic musicians: Ben Allison on bass and Allan Mednard on drums. Their playing, ideas and vibes imbue this music with creativity and soul. It's really a listenable album. I thought about what I'd like to listen to at home, and tried to make that album.” // Bounce features an engaging range of songs, including the aptly named ‘Cool Kids’, written by Wolff’s son Nat (and featuring Nat on lead vocals as well). Other tracks evoke ‘West Side Story’ or nods to the Great American Songbook. Album highlights include the memorable title track, the lovely ballad ‘Long Lost’, the strong ‘Caribbean Rain Dance’ and ‘Omar Sharif’ by David Yazbek, from THE BAND'S VISIT musical. In all, the album is mostly original compositions by Wolff, a tune by Ben Allison, and two covers: ‘Omar Sharif’ and the standard, ‘You and The Night and The Music’. // Wolff notes, “Bounce is filled with music like the music I grew up listening to and playing. It transcends jazz and it feels like the best album I’ve ever made. It also comes at such a perfect time for me. It expresses my inner soul and the joy of living and making music. It’s the most important release of my life.”



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