9 Horses
Blood From A Stone
  by   9 Horses cover

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redWHITEblue - 9:30
bigLITTLE - 6:01
we are not dead but asleep, dreaming of ourselves - 5:22
sportsNEWS - 3:19


Joe Brent - mandolin
Sara Caswell - violin
Ben Wittman - percussion
Andrew Ryan - bass

What began as an incredible jazz-meets-new music experiment has blossomed into a remarkable ensemble of unique instrumentalist/composers who have found themselves involved in an extraordinary breadth of musical settings. 9 Horses has evolved a great deal since their initial recording, Perfectest Herald, which introduced the band with a stripped-down elegance: “No edits, no overdubs,” was the rule. Since then, the trio has shuffled its lineup, grown its musical palette exponentially, and performed in a wide range of configurations including experimental chamber ensembles, synth programmers, and even symphony orchestras. Their latest work, Blood From A Stone, illustrates just how far 9 Horses has come and points to where they are going. The EP originated from music written by the band’s main composer Joe Brent for a commission that was never released. Rather than let the music pass into memory, Brent further developed it with elements from jazz, hip-hop and contemporary electronic music to culminate in the extraordinary sound world that incorporates this EP.


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